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There are a few things worth knowing before you order one of our wonderful WordPress website to app converter plans. We want to be as transparent as possible, so you won’t get any surprises after your purchase. Please read carefully and contact us if something is still unclear, so we can explain before you order.

#1 We do not design your app

Something that doesn’t come with our app plans is the design of your application. You are responsible for the design and user-friendliness of your app. So please make sure your app theme works well and has no bugs of any kind. Your app may get rejected if your website has bugs.

#2 We are not responsible for the content in your app

Just like the design, the content is completely on you and your responsibility. If we publish the app under our developer accounts, the content in the app is still yours. Make sure the content in your app is appropriate and does not violate any of the guidelines in the Play Store or App Store.

#3 We do check if your app meet the review guidelines

If we think your app won’t make it through the review process of the stores, we won’t make an attempt to submit it and we’ll let you know right away what the reasons are and how you may be able to resolve it. We understand you want your app in the stores as fast as possible, but we think it’s wise to review your app thoroughly before submitting to the stores.  Multiple rejections in the stores can lead to a suspension or hold on your developer account. Also, often it’s very vague why they rejected your app, because they often use some standard reasons that often don’t give you a clue what exactly to change about your app.


These are the three before you buy tips. If you know more, or still have questions/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always ready to help.